Lou Ella Woodson SquyresLou Ella Woodson Squyres

Artist in Texas, Arizona, California and Oregon


Lou Ella Squyres was a prolific artist, creating thousands of paintings over her lifetime. She initially worked in watercolors and later in oils and acrylics. She learned to paint from her older sister Kate Painting in Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains near Tucson Arizona, 1935. while growing up, and later studied portrait painting at TCU in Fort Worth. Not just limited to artwork on canvas, her paintings of wildlife, western scenes, and the timber industry on everything from myrtlewood to old crosscut saw blades graced restaurants, homes, offices and gift shops in Southern Oregon for many years. She taught art to hundreds of students over the course of her life; a 1960 Southern California newspaper article reported she had 24 art students at that time, taught in classes no larger than five. The artist at June Lake in the High Sierras, 1950's. Her artwork has been featured in a number of newspapers and publications, including a July 18, 1993 feature article in the Medford Mail Tribune.

Lou Ella was born December 28, 1912 to James Miller Woodson and Florence Morris Woodson of Haskell, Texas. Lou Ella grew up on her parent’s dairy farm, riding horses, delivering milk in the Model T pickup, and attending Haskell High School. In 1934, she married Henry “Ferrell” Squyres of Big Springs, Texas. The newlyweds initially lived in Tucson, Arizona, moved to El Paso, Texas, then to Redwood City, California in 1938, to Southgate California in 1940 and to El Monte California in about 1944. In 1964, the Squyres moved to Medford Oregon. Her husband Ferrell went to be with the Lord in October 2004 after more than 70 years of marriage, and Lou Ella soon followed, passing on to eternal life on December 31, 2005.


Following are some examples of artwork by Lou Ella Woodson Squyres. If you have a painting of Lou Ella's that you would like us to consider for inclusion on this website, please email a good photo of the complete painting plus any additional information you would like included, for instance "Collection of [your name]". Please include anything she wrote on the back of the painting, as well as the date if there is one. Anonymous submissions are fine. The email address is painting1@squyres.ws.
Schoolmates, 1987Schoolmates, 1987
Acrylic on wooden paddle, by L.E. Squyres 1987.
Courtesy of Marcy McPike, Virginia.
Winter on Deer Trail Lane, 1969
"Winter on Deer Trail Lane"
Palette knifed oil on canvas, 16" x 24", by L.E. Squyres 1969.
View from the Artist's home.
Bobwhite, 1987
Acrylic on wood platter, by L.E. Squyres 1987.
Ghost Mill, Crystal, Colorado, 1995.
"Ghost Mill, Crystal Colorado"
Acrylic on gold pan, by L.E. Squyres 1995.
Bejeweled, 1964
Title Unknown
Oil on canvas, approximately 20" x 36", by L.E. Squyres 1964.
From the May 1963 National Geographic magazine cover.
Texas Longhorns, 1996.
"Texas Longhorns"
Acrylic on 48"saw blade, by L.E. Squyres 1996.
Smile for the camera, date unknown
Title Unknown
Oil on canvas, approximately 36" X 60", by L.E. Squyres, circa 1970.
Chocó children in the Darién Province of Panama, from a March 1961 National Geographic photograph.
Chief Joseph, 1983.
"Chief Joseph"
Acrylic on leather, 18" x 24", by L.E. Squyres 1983.
New Mexico Homestead, 1983.
"New Mexico Homestead"
Acrylic on saw, 11" diameter, by L.E. Squyres 1983.
Collection of Jon and Cathy Riecke
Fox and Fireweed, 1975.
"Fox and Fireweed"
Acrylic on canvas, by L.E. Squyres 1975.
Stagecoach, 1982.
Miniature acrylic on tin, 3/4" x 3", by L.E. Squyres 1982.